Well we’ve only just gone and done it again!

Last summer we created a bit of a stir when we first published our definitive 100 best elearning websites chart, so this time round we thought: why not turn things up a notch?.  Why settle on just the Top 100 when we could be spotlighting the 250 best elearning websites? Why offer just one consolidated ranking position per company website when we could lift the lid on the six top indicators that influence our chart most.  And finally, why not just make the whole thing interactive too, so that search and social savvy webucation marketers who don’t think we’ve come up with the learning tech industry’s best overall ranking formula, can come up with their own.

Risky move?  Well it might be. Better take the time now to check out the new chart before we bottle it and change our minds.

My company isn’t in the best elearning websites chart and I think it should be

We’re good, but we’re not perfect. Over 1000 companies are analysed to produce the 100 best elearning websites and we’re adding more all the time. You can be 100% sure that your company is included in future analysis by signing up to Nowfriday newsletter (the #Learning tech edition) here.

Tell me about the marketing tools and tactics that these companies do get into the best elearning websites chart

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What’s it all mean?

Check out the “how to read the 100 best eLearning websites chart” section at the bottom of the page.

Company website
Place in the space
Screen capture software, E-learning authoring software, Learning management system
Talent management software
Technology and Solutions Built for Education
Learning Management System (LMS)
E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools
Software training online-tutorials for Adobe, Microsoft, Apple & more
Tribal Group
Learning support services
iSpring Solutions
Rapid E-Learning Software | PowerPoint to Flash Converter | Convert PowerPoint to Flash
Custom E-Learning Training & LMS Solutions
E-Learning for Business Skills & IT Certification
11www.remote-learner.netRemote Learner
Integrated Open Source Learning Services
Complete Talent Management Software : Learning, Performance, Compensation, Succession, Development, 360 Feedback, Hiring, Collaboration, HR Management, HRMS, Workforce Planning, Analytics
Microsoft Training Courses, Microsoft Excel Training & Windows Courses
694616200121309691 anywhere
e-Learning & Web Design for Schools, Business, FE/HE, Public Sector, Charities
15www.successfactors.comSuccess Factors
Business Execution Software
LMS, Performance Management, Talent Management, HCM, Human Capital Management, Video Conferencing
17www.newhorizons.comNew Horizons
IT Training, Microsoft Training, Cisco Training, Computer Training, Certifications
Turkish based one stop eLearning company
Business learning content providor owned by Skillsoft
20www.ilxgroup.comILX Group
Accredited Training and Consulting Organisation
Games and Gamification
e-Learning Software, Authoring Tools, LMS and Online eLearning Development
Talent Management And Elearning On One Platform
24www.brandon-hall.comBrandon Hall
Learning & development, talent management, sales & marketing, executive management
597661702883031404, online learning and blended solution69756971090659296
26www.upsidelearning.comUpside Learning
LMS, Custom eLearning Development, Mobile Learning Solutions from Upside Learning, India
E-Learning Authoring Solutions | Interactive Online Lesson Creation Tool
Learning Management Experts - Cloud Learning - SaaS Learning Portals - Social LMS - Training Administration
29www.ydp.euYoung Digital Planet
Digital Education Publishing Providor
Talent Management
IT Training, Cloud Computing, IT Support, Website Design and Development, CPD ePortfolio, e-Learning
Online Presentations, Mobile Video Presentations,eLearning
learning technologies business delivering Computer Driving Licence testing platform
34www.theworkingmanager.comWorking Manager
D2 organisational development solutions | e-learning
35www.knowledgeadvisors.comKnowledge Advisors
learning measurement software
36www.learningpool.comLearning Pool
Saving money for the public sector with collaboration and learning
Create e-Learning interactions quickly and easily
Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
39www.thales-trainingconsultancy.comThales Training
Business Training Courses & Bespoke Services
40www.cornerstoneondemand.comCornerstone on demand
Talent, Learning & Performance Management Software
41www.rapidintake.comRapid Intake
e-Learning Software for Computer Based Training
The Global e-Learning m-learning LMS LCMS CMS Talent Management Software Solutions Provider
43www.myknowledgemap.comMy Knowledgemap
Knowledge and learning assisted by technology
44www.goodpractice.comFor Leaders and Managers5955303493129102
45www.elearningbrothers.comDevelop rapid eLearning courses and games495688260396876
46 Services59551100N/A212
47www.excelindia.come-Learning Solutions, Custom eLearning, Content Development59457491418697
48www.outstart.comLCMS, Learning Systems, and Social Business Software5935786539487448 Travel Training, Travel Agent E-Learning, Travel Courses49361270635008409
50www.pfeiffer.comEssential resources for training and HR professionals5925108002026287
51www.crossknowledge.comDistance learning solutions59252650801513215 provider59259034163314124
53www.tatainteractive.comLearning solutions and custom e-learning5905415499102166
54www.skytap.comEnterprise Hybrid Cloud | Development Test, Sales Demo and Virtual Training5905623535904276
55www.videoarts.comVideo based learning support49063010810397243
56www.electricsheepcompany.comEmmy award-winning creator of virtual worlds and social games for major brands and media companies4906652417027803
57www.toolwire.comExperiential learning58955018530178
58www.gpworldwide.comPerformance improvement company58951800472945316
59www.exact-learning.comLearning Content Management System (LCMS) and Digital Repository586523518852390
60www.netdimensions.comEnterprise Learning Technologies, Certification & Compliance Management Solutions,e-Learning Solutions585577910939202
61www.kaplanlt.comRapid elearning: Software Simulations, Assessments, Documentation & EPSS. 5855395138668580
62www.saffroninteractive.comBespoke training solutions and business communications5855403211921463
63www.edvantagegroup.comCorporate e-learning and managed learning services5845242167873196
64mediaspark.comeducational games, simulations, and social networks5815687265789101
65www.swissvbs.comweb-centered learning campaigns5815149N/A37
66www.learninglight.comelearning and learning technologies58053370791575888
67www.emantras.comE-Learning Training Solutions Digital Education5745275841622211
68www.yukonlearning.comSimulations and learning content473642547516616
69www.brookwood.comCustom eLearning web and training solutions5695568838408857 solutions568573N/A68
71interactyx.comTOPYX Learning Management System59847440253401321 e-learning, online training and blended learning experts49851830132556089 worlds and AI solution provider498510101411317220 E-learning and Blended Learning4985652283243875 learning49755262081109172
76www.onlignment.comelearning consultancy and strategy support4965449466109
77www.allencomm.comCustom Training, Corporate Training, & Training and Development49652281115287323 management solutions supplier4945663240266868
80www.thetestfactory.comEmployee Skills Assessment49451691061128123
81www.quicklessons.comCollaborative e-Learning Platform to Create Courses4945346145402669 Winning Serious Games Designer49352082842255208
83 social video4925224179263481
84www.goventure.netGames, simulations & social networks4915577216677272 products and support services691331131367630
86www.bluevolt.comExtended Learning Management System4895335209175290, Blended learning and Training Outsourcing provider4895276237015571 learning for professionals4895651597945136
89www.eukleia-training.comspecialist training company providing elearning courses on regulation &compliance4885190N/A30
90, Online Training, Webinars, Desktop Sharing: WebEx Training Center58741230312772215 development & Lesson Observations487578499506260
92www.dominknow.comCollaborative eLearning and mLearning Creation4875192222279062 products and services487553268921634
94www.mohive.comEnterprise e-learning publishing system4865333400852179
95www.p4you.comelearning software, tools & other eLearning solution485578439259336
96www.blueeskimo.comlearning and development, e-learning and training recruitment48553310N/A35 Appraisal Staff Development Coaching38464028796
98www.trainingfoundation.comTraining support services36861080N/A89

About the chart

Our best elearning websites chart focuses on commercial operators whose primary market is b2b learning.  Larger companies with specific divisions or product sets targeting the learning industry are included but only specific portions of their website have been used in the ranking (for instance, or Institutes, schools & colleges are not included, but if they were, the Open University, Coventry University and others would be in the chart.Trade publications like eLearning Age or , or industry bodies like eLearning Network or Towards Maturity are also ommitted from the chart, as are vendors or resellers like

How to read the chart

Overall Ranking

The overall ranking for each company is calculated by crunching together individual rankings from Google PageRank, Moz Rank, Alexa, Hubspot‘s Web grader and Compete.

Rankings from link-based measurement tools like Moz or Google PageRank are given more weight than tools like Compete or Alexa, which use smaller samples. We’ve also considered the number of pages that a website has indexed in Google, social reach and the number of domains linking-in to each website. All ranking tools have strengths and weaknesses, but together they paint an interesting and valuable picture we think.

Google page rank

Ah yes, the big quality score from the people who run the Internet. Google Page Rank scores a website 0 (low) to 10 (high).

See this Wiki page if you’d like to know more.


The Hubspot Website Grader’s job is to sniff out all of the search, social and structural stuff that makes a website well equipped for effective inbound marketing (conversion pages, subscription options for twitter or RSS feeds, mobile readiness, etc) .  Sites are scored from 0 (low) to 100 (high) depending on what it finds.


An algorithmically scaled 10-point measure of global link power or popularity, Mozrank is one of the SEO analysts’ favourites (possibly because it’s quite hard to understand).  Put as simply (crudely) as we like to put things,  lots of people say Moz is quite a lot like Google PageRank, except that it scores a site dynamically where Google PageRank ranks a site periodically.  In our experience, when we compare scores from Google PageRank and MozRank over time we think there’s some evidence to say that a site with a higher Moz score than a Google PR score may be gaining popularity. If Moz scores are lower than Google PR scores, the site may be on a downward curve.

Google indexed pages

Not one for the rocket scientists. This the number of pages on a website that Google knows about.  When this number is smaller than the number of pages that actually exist on a website, it can be a good idea to submit a site map to google.

Alexa traffic rank

Probably the best known of the three most popular traffic measurement services, Alexa ranks the world’s most popular website (Google) at number one and works back from there, so the smaller the number the better.  Like most traffic measurement services, Alexa gathers data generated from a  pool of web surfers who have a special toolbar installed on their browser.  Some SEO experts criticise traffic measurement services like Alexa, Compete or Quantcast, claiming that smaller samples can produce misleading results.

Inbound links

Easy one.  It’s the number of sites that link in.  Google believes that the best sites are the ones with the most authoritative links linking in.

Company website

The url analysed to allocate the ranking.

place in the space

If the site’s title tag contained a meaningful description we’ve used it here, if not we’ve done our best to estimate.



What Our Clients Say

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