Redundancy, fail over, performance, ¬†scalability, security and reliability: it’s like “vorsprung durch technik” for your website

Most B2B marketers just blame the web hosting company when campaigns suffer because web servers fail at critical times. We’d rather not do that.

You don’t need to host the really intelligent website we design or manage for you on our enterprise scale, cloud based hosting solution. So long as you’re sure your current provider can: cope with the traffic spikes that our content marketing campaigns¬†will bring to your website; load balance traffic to optimise page rendering; intelligently switch to back-up with no down-time if one server fails; and automatically up-scale to accommodate the increased numbers that our B2B marketing programmes bring to your site, it’s not something you’ll need.

Borrowing from the techniques of the multi-nationals such as Adobe, Nokia, LinkedIn and SAP we offer an enterprise grade hosting solution which not only delivers blazingly fast web sites but also both a secure and reliable solution. We use a cluster of servers so that each server is tuned and dedicated to doing one job, and if it fails it is automatically replaced by another one. Security patches and database back ups are carried out automatically daily.

What Our Clients Say

With Now|Comms, we get the entire team face-to-face: web builders, designers, copywriters...everyone. It keeps things simple.
— Orla Harty, Cantillon