It’s fast, honest and it’s free

This morning, during our daily planning meeting, we had a quick rush of blood to the head.

We decided to launch our free #NoFluff marketing offer to any business that feels like sponsoring us just £50 for our next charity fundraising adventure.

Here’s the skinny

Darren & Ken are all signed up for the London Nightrider event on June 10. It’s a 100KM ride around London that starts before midnight and (assuming we finish :)) ends at dawn. All the money we raise is going to Cancer Research.

As a gesture of thanks, every business good enough to donate just £50 (or more 😉 ) gets one of our free, but priceless, #nofluff social marketing campaigns: we’ll do you a social ad you can be proud of and help you promote your kind heartedness all over the web.

Here’s the brave and the bold bit

You don’t get to see the ad before we publish it. It’s #NoFluff. Its message simple, honest and fair.

(Relax: We’re honest, not evil)

Here’s some we did earlier (for LT show exit poll winners)


Thanks. We really appreciate your support.

What Our Clients Say

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