It’s fast, honest and it’s free.

This morning, during our daily planning meeting, we had a a quick rush of blood to the head. We decided to launch our #NoFluff marketing offer. It’s a free and exclusive deal for anyone mentioned in the #LTExitpoll we ran last week.

Here’s the skinny

Every year we get lots of people asking questions about the squeaky details behind the #LTexitpoll. Those who do well naturally want to know exactly how well they did. Those with honorable mentions want to know just how close they came to getting the cigar.

So this week we thought we’d answer these calls by producing #NoFluff ads based on real feedback from actual #LT17UK visitors.

Here’s the brave and the bold bit

You don’t get to see the ad before we publish it. It’s #NoFluff. Its message is based squarely on honest feedback from the real L&D professionals we questioned at Learning Technologies last week. And when you think it right through, what possible added value could highly paid, well educated company brand managers add to that ;).

Here’s one we did earlier

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— Estelle Milosavljevic, Marketing Director