Look behind you! The GDPR monster's on our tail.

January 8, 2018

We’ve been working with the country’s leading GDPR specialists to establish GDPR friendly marketing tactics that won’t scare the willies out of your customers and prospects. Here’s where we are with that?

It seems pretty clear that many people in business (not just in marketing) have their head stuck in the sand when it comes to GDPR. We can understand why. For years now, slick talkers in B2B marketing have been getting away with murder. They dazzle clients with buzzwords like “relevance marketing” and claims that “Person to Person is the new B2B”, then, when the pressure’s on, they take a U turn.

In the real world, sticking to best principles can be difficult. Faced with short term impatience it’s easy to abandon the idea that the best leads are the ones carefully nurtured from the ground up.

When push comes to shove, many marketers under pressure end up doing all of the things they set out not to do. They do deal with an established list vendor (asking as few questions as possible) then start harvesting these new “prospects” by the thousands using some kind of sophisticated  marketing automation tool like Hubspot or Pardot. Did the thousands of new prospects on the list really opt-in? Well the respectable list vendor says they did so let’s not ask any more questions right? Anyway, even if they didn’t, the one click unsubscribe option at the bottom of every email any (reputable) marketing distribution system sends out is enough to comply with current data protection rules.

This isn’t good enough anymore, and that’s a good thing. It offers a chance to re-focus. It’s an opportunity to get back to the honest content marketing principles that got all of us interested in B2B marketing in the first place.

We’ve decided to embark on our own GDPR journey

Over the the next six months our aim is to establish ourselves as the “go to” marketing business for B2B companies that think GDPR should be more about opportunity than compliance.

It’s an embryonic plan. We don’t have a cool download or a snazzy “10 things every B2B marketer should know about GDPR” infographic yet. But we’re award winning B2B marketers that love new challenges and know how to tell great stories so, chances are, we’re going to work this out pretty quickly.

To get started, we’ve asked dozens of the experts we met at the GDPR:Summit for advice. That’s helped us build a solid understanding of the rules that come with GDPR, but it’s not really helping us with the strategic marketing piece. What we can’t do is clear: how to create great marketing opportunities within the new framework is much less clear.

We’re taking our GDPR marketing journey one step at a time

Step one has been to set out our GDPR compliant position in a friendly familiar way.

Between now and next May we’ll also be testing and refining new GDPR friendly onboarding ideas (like the little heads up balloon you may see in the corner of our page)

With a little help from our friends, we’re able to underpin our journey with one of the new Privacy Management Software Platforms that we expect most business to be installing in the months ahead too.

So far so good. We even onboarded a batch of GDPR experts into our marketing programmes last week without complaint (although admittedly, also without praise).

It’s early days and we’re learning as we go. Hope to see you on the journey.

What Our Clients Say

"This is the creative team we trust to deliver the compelling content that makes us really distinctive in today's competitive landscape"
— Estelle Milosavljevic, Marketing Director