March 27, 2017

We’re a B2B marketing agency and we’ve recently moved into the Barley Mow Centre in Chiswick.

We’re all highly proactive social types, so one of the first things we did when we set up shop here was to pop in to see our new neighbours.

There are dozens of small to medium sized companies here plus several local offices for large international businesses that need a local UK or London base.

It’s only natural that many of the chats we’ve had at the Barley Mow Centre have been about marketing strategy. When we crunch up all the chit-chat, three points of view tend to come up time and again.

Here’s what you told us

  1. We don’t do marketing – all of our business comes via word of mouth.
  2. We’re the local office for a large international company. The marketing function is based overseas. We have no control over it and the marketing support we do get doesn’t help us at a local level.
  3. We’re a startup company with a big story but just a little marketing budget.

Introducing Barley Mow #MarketingHacks

From March 31, with help from our Barley Mow Centre friends, we’re going to be running #MarketingHack sessions to help companies here get more from their marketing.

We’ll be running sessions over the spring and into the summer. Every session will tackle the real marketing challenges our neighbours are facing now.

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Word-of-mouth is actually just marketing?

As a taster, let’s start with one of the issues that comes up most when we talk to Barley Mow based companies: We don’t market ourselves because most of our business comes via word-of-mouth. Stick with us in the coming weeks as we deal with the other marketing conundrums we uncover as we settle into our new Chiswick home.

We’re a marketing business, so we think marketing is everywhere – but many of our neighbours don’t think the same. Some say they don’t need marketing because new business opportunities come via word-of-mouth. To us this is relationship marketing and lead nurturing.

When you really think about it, it’s pretty rare to win business via word-of-mouth alone. Sure, a new prospect might be introduced to you that way, but a number of things have to happen between the introduction and closing a deal.

Since word-of-mouth prospects come via personal recommendation, they’re likely to be pretty positive about the services your business can offer, but few will ever commit without seeing real evidence that you’re well equipped for the job. They’re going to check your website for high authority content and case studies, and look for evidence that you’ve helped companies like theirs solve similar problems in the past.

They’ll check you out on social media, Google you and seek out your recommendations and reviews before meeting you. Once they have met, you’ll probably become engaged in a series of emails that slowly develop the confidence required to close a deal.

Pinpointing the small, simple things you can do to get more out of a word-of-mouth approach to business development is one the first things we’ll focus on in our Barley Mow Centre #MarketingHack series.

We’ll discuss things like customer satisfaction surveys and net promoter scores and explain how this tactic works to prompt more of your contacts to deliver more new opportunities via word-of-mouth. We’ll explain the importance of customer endorsements. We’ll show you how to easily create the great client testimonials that new prospects want to see on your site or on Google. And we’ll show you some simple email marketing approaches that will help you nurture better quality leads more often.

The first #MarketingHack is at 10 am on Friday March 31 in the Barley Mow Centre coffee area

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What Our Clients Say

Now Communications team of experts really know how to work our marketing budget to the maximum.
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